Book – Review


Title :- Moral Stories
Author :- Rakesh Sharma

Publisher :- Sterling Publishers, New Delhi

Page :- 100

Cost :- Rs.100.00

It is my great pleasure to review this book. I have thoroughly read the book and enjoyed all the stories. Really, this book is Recreational, Knowledgeable and Inspirational. There are only five stories in this book. I wish to express my views on the story “The Brain of the Donkey. ” The story is like this :- For easily availability of food, a Jackal made intimacy with a Lion. For a long time, the Lion did not find prey for food. The Jackal was also badly hungry.For food, it convinced a Donkey and met with the Lion. the Lion killed the Donkey. Here,the Jackal planned to eat the” Brain of the Donkey.” After coming, the lion enquired about the eaten brain. The Jackal spoke politely ” Your Majesty ! If the donkey had brain then why did it come to you for it’s death. The lion agreed with this argument. Due to the wisdom, the Jackal succeeded to get it’s desired goal.

Moral :” Utilize your brain-power to find out the idea for solution. as the Donkey did by giving logical arguments and satisfied the Lion.”

Last but not least, I can advice that ” this book is Readable and Collectable for all

Reviewed By : Km. Atulya Saxena

Class : – VI


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